Saturday, August 5, 2017

Sleeping in

I slept till 10:30 this morning.  It felt good.  I actually didn't get myself out of bed until 10:45.  It was a rainy morning, so a great day for sleeping in.

I really hope this will help me not be as tired as I've been.  I've felt more of a normal, I need more sleep tired recently instead of the I don't have any energy tired that I was feeling a few weeks/months ago.  I didn't mention yesterday the late nights that I've had (besides the one associated with work) which I'm sure is part of the issue.  Last weekend, I ended up being up till midnight or later for one reason or another Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Then Thursday night this week, we went to the Royals game and that was another late night.  I think my body was rebelling and reminding me it's not fully recovered, even though I'm doing so much better.

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