Monday, February 27, 2017

Surgery and Hospital Stay

It's hard to believe it's been almost a week since surgery. It's been an adventure. Surgery went well and as expected. I've had some issues with temporary high heart rates and low oxygen levels, but nothing has been severe and we continue to work on getting it all under control. Had nothing to eat or drink Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Friday and Saturday was on a clear liquid diet of 240cc every 8 hours. That's not very much. Was moved to mechanical soft diet on Sunday. Was frustrated over the weekend because even though I was given the go ahead to eat, had no direction as to what I should really be doing since the dietitians don't work over the weekend, made even more complicated because the heart issues had me being on the telemetry floor instead of the normal floor I would have been on with this type of surgery where the nurses understood a little better what surgery I had done and what my needs were.

Today has been much better as I've got direction from a dietitian, got switched to a post gastric surgery diet that I was supposed to be on yesterday instead of the one I was on, and got up and walked a lot. Even went to the beauty shop and had my hair washed.Yesterday I was getting mixed signals on everything, including walking. They are talking that I could be released from the hospital as early as tomorrow. We'll see. Will then still be in Houston for at least a few days before returning to Kansas City.

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