Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Out of the Hospital

Yesterday was an adventure on so many levels!

I got released from the hospital a little after 11:00am, beginning the adventure of figuring out how to live and eat without a stomach...on my own! I'm supposed to eat something every 2-3 hours, so it was basically time to eat. 6 pages of post-op diet guidelines in hand, we explored all the food options at the hotel, including a small store and a "grab-and-go". Settled on a few chunks of watermelon and some cheddar cheese.

Then headed to the nearest grocery store. Was hoping Keith could push me in a wheelchair, but they only had scooters. If you've never used one of those things before, they are an adventure in and of themselves. Added to it, the grocery store was in the midst of a major remodel and had boxes and stuff all over the store as they were reshelving and such. It was an obstacle course to navigate through. With diet guidelines still in hand, we read labels and compared items like I've never done before. It probably took us an hour in the store and we spent less that $50.

Spent the afternoon trying to consume something every two hours. Had trouble keeping much of it down.  Had not had trouble with this in the hospital. Reevaluated early evening using the food diary I'd been keeping all day and realized the solid foods were staying down, but liquids were causing more problems. Water seemed to be fine, but not really anything else. They encourage protein shakes and such to fill gaps between meals. I was trying them and some other beverages to keep hydrated, but that part just wasn't going well. I think I was pushing myself too hard and trying to do too much. I've backed off and am doing much better.

The adventure last night was trying to sleep. I found the bed at the hotel EXTREMELY uncomfortable! It is super soft and I just couldn't sleep. Tried moving to chair in the middle of the night, but it wasn't a chair designed for sleeping. Finally woke Keith and traded sides of the bed and slept a little better, but not much. Am exploring other options today.

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