Thursday, March 30, 2017

Follow-up trip to MD Anderson

Had a follow-up appointment today with Dr. Mansfield and the Nutritionist at MD Anderson.  I know I'm doing well, it was nice to have that confirmed by the test results, surgeon and nutritionist.

The nutritionist is ready to have me venture out and try new things.  She wants me to try more fatty foods.  She wants me to try sweets.  Basically, she wants me to see if I tolerate these things or if they make me sick.  I need to start small and start at home.  I don't like the idea of getting sick out  It seems strange to basically be trying to make yourself sick, but if I don't try new things, I'll never know if I can have them or not.  We'll see how it goes.

We fly back home tonight.  Quick trip.  They want to see me back in 2-3 months.

I'm hoping tonight's trip home is uneventful.  The trip down last night was a little more eventful then I would have preferred.  First of all, our flight scheduled to leave at 2:21 got pushed back to 4:38.  It was basically 5:00 before we actually took off.  When you need to eat every 2-3 hours, these type of delays become an adventure.  I ate chicken breast and cheddar cheese and crackers for lunch on the way to the airport, about 12:45.  I packed string cheese and pretzels for snacking on the plane.  I first had them about 3:15, while still waiting at the airport.  I had them a second time, along with the savory snack mix (pretzels and a couple other things) offered by the airline while on the plane about 5:30.  About 7:00, we were getting close to landing and I was talking about plans for supper and the need to eat before checking in at the hotel because it would be time for me to eat again and I really didn't want string cheese and pretzels again.  As we were getting ready to land, we had made our decent and were getting close to landing on the runway, when the pilot aborted the landing and we started gaining altitude again. When he finally explained to us what happened, apparently another plane decided to taxi on our runway. Glad we aborted landing instead of crashing into the other plane. We circled around and had a successful landing.  However, by the time the landing was delayed, we got off the plane, got the rental car, etc., it was now 8:00.  We found the closest restaurant, but by the time we ordered and then they were running slow, it was almost 9:00 before we got food.  Even though you supposedly don't feel hunger without a stomach, you feel something and by this point, it was long enough past the time I should have been eating that my body knew it and I wasn't feeling well.  The food finally came and I was able to eat and feel a little better, but it's sort of funny that when you're hungry, you can't eat as much as you can other times.  The nutritionist confirmed this morning that this is normal.  I need to figure out a wider variety of snacks to pack so I have some other choices in this type of situation.  Just one more of the things I'm learning....

We did have sort of a fun encounter on the way to the hotel after the restaurant.  We saw a very bright meteor move across the sky. We're on the interstate, right next to downtown Houston and it was as bright as could be. I'm not sure I've actually ever seen a meteor before, definitely not as bright as this one. It passed by us (very quickly) and then disappeared into the night sky.  That was cool.

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