Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Medication continued and Acid Reflux

A couple of things I forgot to mention in yesterday's post about medication:

After the surgery, I was also prescribed daily injections of enoxaparin.  These injections given into my abdomen on either side of my incision were to reduce the chances of blood clots forming.  Because I refused to poke myself with a needle, I made my husband do it for me.  He would wake me at 7am before he went to work, give me the shot, and then I would go back to sleep.  The last dose was yesterday.  It was nice not having to be awakened for a shot today.

I have suffered with acid reflux for almost 30 years.  Since I now have no stomach to form the acid, we were hopeful this problem would go away after surgery.  It partially has, not necessarily entirely.  I do still have some problems with belching, but don't have the acid as part of it.  One way I know I have eaten enough (or too much) is I start belching.  Since surgery, I am no longer on the pantoprazole that I had taken for years.  I was also told not to take Pepcid Complete that I would sometimes take in addition.  I was told I can take Tums or an equivalent.  There have been just a few times that I have used Tums post surgery if I am belching a lot or if I need help just settling things down a little.  I used to have lots of problems at night when I first laid down, that seems to be much better.  Nice to know there's some fringe benefit to having your stomach removed!

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