Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Pathology Results

Finally talked to the surgeon today and got the pathology results.  Were supposed to take a week, took three, not sure why it took so long.  Reminds me of the genetic test results in the beginning that took two weeks longer than they were supposed to.

The results were about what I expected.  10 spots were identified: 8 were in situ which means they are more superficial, not even advanced as far as T1A tumors; 2 were intramucosal, which is T1A.  T1A is no problem, it is noninvasive.  If they were T1B, that would mean they had invaded into the submucosa, but that was not the case.  Since the entire stomach was removed and nothing was invasive, nothing more needs to be done.

What these results also do is give me the reassurance that I made the right decision to have the prophylactic total gastrectomy.  It could be that I could have lived the rest of my life and these would never have grown to be invasive T1B tumors, but it could also be that they did and they weren't detected until it was too late.  That is a chance I'm glad I chose not to take.

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